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Lawn Aeration in Bangor, ME

When it comes to keeping your grass in optimum shape, the professionals at TruGreen provide the comprehensive service you can count on. One of the most important services your yard needs is core aeration. This technique helps ensure your grass’s health and attractiveness by exposing the roots to the air, water, and nutrients they need to thrive. Our professional lawn aeration in Bangor, Maine, benefits all soil types. Whether your lawn has Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, or a fine fescue mix, lawn aeration helps your grass maintain its maximum strength in our particular climate.

We’ve been providing superior lawn care nationwide since 1973. As the country’s premier lawn company, we believe that each customer should have a lawn they love. Our team of PhD-holding specialists tailors your service to best fit the needs of your unique lawn and grass type.

Thorough Lawn Care for Vibrant Grass

Healthy, beautiful grass requires the kind of attentive care we provide. Over time, your lawn will naturally experience soil compaction. Soil compaction is the result of rainfall and foot traffic compressing your soil. This leads to thinner, slower-growing grass due to air and nutrient restriction. Core aeration is the solution to this problem. By extracting plugs of soil from your grass, your lawn can breathe and circulate moisture and nutrients more freely. The plugs are left in your lawn to provide a natural source of essential nutrients.

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Schedule a consultation with us today to get started on having a more beautiful lawn. Our core aeration and other services will give your grass the boost it needs to achieve better health. We back all of our work with the one-of-a-kind TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee ®.

Contact us today to give your lawn the core aeration it needs to flourish. We are proud to serve customers in Bangor, Maine, and the surrounding areas.