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Lawn Seeding in Bangor, ME

Is your grass starting to look too thin? If you’re not happy with the color and texture of your lawn’s grass, our lawn seeding in Bangor, Maine, is the solution for you. TruGreen is the nation’s leading lawn care service. Since 1973, we’ve transformed and maintained beautiful residential lawns.

Our lawn care professionals use a scientifically backed approach that’s custom-tailored to your individual lawn. If seasonal thinning has left you less than satisfied with your lawn’s appearance, schedule a free, in-person consultation with us.

Overseeding: the Effective Method for Thicker Grass

Lawn seeding is a proven-effective technique. Often called overseeding, because the process involves spreading new seed on top of or over your existing grass, lawn seeding helps your grass look fuller and healthier.

Our seasonally appropriate seeding treatment is one part of our comprehensive approach to lawn care. Overseeding breathes new life into cool-season grasses such as the Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass that are popular in Maine’s lawns. By introducing new grass varieties into the lawn and increasing drought resistance, overseeding makes your lawn tougher and more resilient.

Professional Overseeding for Beautiful Grass

Seasonal seeding works well with core aeration to revitalize grass. When you’re ready to experience a lush lawn, let our professionals provide you with our personalized approach to lawn care. Our team brings the knowledge and experience that will make your grass look its best.

Contact us to enjoy a thicker, fuller lawn. We are proud to serve customers in Bangor, Maine, and the surrounding areas.