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Weed Control in Bangor, ME

In Maine, there’s a wide variety of weeds that frustrate local homeowners. Everything from bull thistle and burclover to cheatgrass and giant foxtails often blemish residential yards. Don’t let pesky weeds invade your grass—call TruGreen for effective weed control in Bangor, Maine. Our methodical approach to curtailing weeds means you can enjoy a healthier, more beautiful yard.

Our scientifically tailored lawn maintenance strategy uses a powerful pre-emergent. Applied at certain times throughout the year, our pre-emergent prevents weeds from growing in the first place. Schedule a free consultation with us today when you’re tired of pulling weeds.

Beautiful Lawns Are Our Guarantee 

Weeds aren’t just eyesores that ruin the lush appearance of your grass. They also weaken your grass by competing for vital nutrients and moisture. What’s worse, weeds are often quite resilient—you can spend an afternoon pulling weeds and soon they’re right back where they were.

Save yourself the frustration of battling weeds by turning to our experienced lawn care professionals. From our proactive pre-emergent treatments to our post-emergent for yards currently suffering from weeds, we transform your grass into the lawn you love.

Enjoy a Weed-Free Lawn

With our TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis, we offer personalized solutions to your unique yard problems. We’ll identify the type of weeds your lawn is suffering from in order to provide the best treatment. We’ll also analyze your grass and soil types in order to determine the most appropriate approach to care for your specific property. Get the grass you want by leaving the weeds to us. Our goal is to make your lawn as healthy and attractive as it can be.

Contact us today if weeds have taken over your lawn. We are proud to serve customers in Bangor, Maine, and the surrounding areas.